The Project

Our mission is to humbly listen.

We integrate ecological restoration, regenerative agriculture, spiritual practice, and harmonious cohabitation; participating in an ever-unfolding exploration of life and all their cycles.


We envision a thriving culture of reverence, respect, reciprocity, belonging and fun.

Our Values

We vow to clarify, refine, and consistently recommit to the pursuit of our values.


With practice, we can come closer to seeing the world as it really is. Healthy communities support self-realization.


The whole world pulsates with vitality; we are entangled with all living and nonliving things. We play inside the symbolic and imaginal realms.


We listen for the conditions through which a regenerative wholeness can emerge. We embrace failure.


By decentralizing humans in favor of the whole, we re-orient to the web of life. We deeply consider our actions.

Pan-Generational Consciousness

The conditions in our lives arise from patterns and systems set by past generations. We unravel ancestral trauma for ourselves, for our ancestors, and for those yet to come.


Freedom is relief from the burden of being anything other than yourself. No one is special, and everyone is needed.*
(*Adrienne Maree Brown)


In awe and appreciation of the mystery, we bow to the ineffable divine presence. We honor and respect all beings.


As nature and culture unravel, life renews from collapse. We celebrate the fertility of death and decay.


We build a village of life by developing as villagers who are truly alive. We value process and becoming over producing and performing.

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